Base Camp Military


Expeditionary style field facilities are major assets to the new mobile war fighter involved in special operations. Design Shelter’s rapidly deployable lightweight field camps provide the facilities required to form a base of operations quickly and efficiently. When the mission changes unexpectedly and the relocation of the base camp needs to be rapid, our kit is unsurpassed. We manufacture a state of the art military camp kit along with the support systems required to keep soldiers warm or cool and dry, for short or extended missions. Our field kit comprises all of the products necessary for portable turn-key facilities that could be deployed anywhere – anytime.

Military Tactical Deployment “Under Cover In Less Than 10 Minutes

Design Shelter offers specialized, custom designed kit for militaries around the world.  Proven for superior performance, exceptionally fast assembly times, world class interior space environment and temperature control in the -50°C to +50°C ambient temperature range, our kit is an outstanding solution for the modern warfighter.

Design Shelter’s MH and MLH series shelter offers the following standard features;

  • Lightweight portability for rapid deployability and ease of transport
  • Blackout
  • Superior thermal insulation package offering effective R6.3
  • Door access at any location around the perimeter of the shelter
  • Modular
  • Infinitely expandable
  • Superior interior temperature control
  • Optional shade net camouflage
  • Full height vertical sidewalls for maximum utilization of floor space
  • Optional vehicle boot interfaces
  • Optional military medical anterooms
  • Interior cable pockets
  • Adaptable for rough and rugged terrain
  • Easily repaired in the field by any Mat Tech
  • Superior performance in extreme cold climates
  • Exceeds building codes for flame, smoke and UV
  • Superior antimicrobial properties
  • Optional high impact strength modular flooring with integral cable tray
  • Optional shade net with or without multispectral camouflage properties





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